11 Steps to Restaurant Operations Manual Creation

Restaurant operations manual should be the principal tool of every franchisee, and should be presented by the franchisor on or before the franchisee starts his or her franchise operations.

Now, make sure that your franchisee will be offered with an easy-to-understand manual so that he or she can operate his or her franchised business the manner you want it to be. The gain with this kind of operations manual is that, you the franchisor will be able to regulate your business, products, or offered services regardless of whoever franchised it or wherever its location may be (the customers & patrons will encounter & enjoy the same kinds of services & products as well, regardless of wherever franchise they go).

A well-written manual will help both parties (the franchisor & the franchisee) a good deal of profit & a smooth ordered operation and will also have an bearing to prospective franchisee because they’ll be given a glimpse of what to expect if they decided to franchise your product or service.

Now, let’s direct our attentions to writing our very own operations manual (particularly, restaurant operations manual) because though there are free templates in the web right now (try looking for it using your favorite search engine), still it’s more advantageous for you & your business if you do it yourself (from scratch, if it needs to be…) because you are the only one who understands the ins & outs of your business & the desired outcome you want from it, unlike those who’ve written those free online templates who only have a generalized idea/s of a particular business operation (some of them having no experience at all about daily operations & flows of business or anything business related because they are only hired writers & what-not…).

So, let us now enumerate the basic details to be included in your manual:


-Within this section (call it whatever you want…), you should include a brief history of your business (answering the average WH & H questions…), the mission & vision statements, the list of staff & important personas with absolute contact to the business, etc…

Daily Operations

-Incorporated in this section are the detailed opening & closing procedures, shift management, daily food preparation procedures, restaurant maintenance procedures, etc…

Customer Relations

-This chapter will confer how to deal with customers appropriately without offending anyone of them

Food Service Sanitation

-The appearance and ambiance of your restaurant is important so make sure you list down how to make a clean & neat surroundings, especially the kitchen areas.

Restaurant Safety

-This refers to succeeding the requirements for a safe & secure establishment

Employee Administration

-This part contains the detailed sketch on the process of hiring employees, company policies, employee orientation & training, maintaining performance standards, employee relations, etc…

Food & Beverage Management

-This chapter should enumerate the dos & don’ts when it comes to food handling and of course, the proper attires of the servers, staffs, & crews.

Financial Management

-Integrated in this section are: forecasting sales, accounting principles, opening accounting procedures, cash handling procedures, nightly accounting closing procedures, etc…

Labor Management

-This refers to the proper handling of all labor force so the preferred objectives, incentive or bonus management can be achieved


-The tips & tricks on how to produce customer interest for the service & foods being provided is discussed here

Restaurant Forms

-This refers to cook preparation sheet, customer complaint form, daily equipment maintenance form, accident/injury report form, inventory worksheet, kitchen checklist day or night, liquor order form, manager’s log form, purchase order form, shift meeting notes, etc…

That’s it, that is all there is to it if you desire to write a complete operations manual!!!

Ultimately, you should always remember that your restaurant operations manual is an interactive & always changing type of manual -in short, always be set to update it once in a while or if the need arises so Happy writing & enjoy your franchising success!!!