5 Leading Benefits Buyers Want From Call Accounting

What do customers actually want from “call accounting”?; Suppliers promote the tool as a way of saving money and improving efficiencies, but a software package by itself will not achieve these goals, it can only provide reports in support of a management team when taking decisions related to their telecoms technology.

There are five main areas where, by measuring PBX activity, call accounting can offer meaningful information that may be used in the decision making process to improve a user’s voice communications environment. Clients can benefit for a small cost and minimum effort.

1. Supervising individual non-business telephone use.

To speak plainly, it is a fact that there are only two kinds of phone call, one that relates to the employers business and one that is unrelated to the employers business. The definition of a business call; a telephone call made in pursuit of the employer’s business objectives; other types of telephone calls are personal calls.

Having said this, it is completely impractical to assume that members of staff will not make any personal phone calls during working hours. As an example, a member of staff makes a phone call just once a month to his bank for personal reasons, the duration of the call is less than 5 minutes. This is an occurrence not worthy of management attention and should only result in corrective processes in exceptional environments.

If some private phone calls are considered reasonable, then it is a matter of the amount and reasonableness. These variables require some measurement to keep personal use inside acceptable boundaries, a call accounting tool helps meet this requirement.

2. Detecting fraudulent use

There are 2 broad categories of fraud within a telephone environment, a. harassing phone calls, for example a bomb scare hoax, and b. a criminal party tapping into a PBX in order to make telephone calls on the target’s account.

A call accounting program should actively discourage this behavior and detect misuse.

3. Discovering possible savings by utilizing alternative telecoms companies.

Telecommunications service providers regularly make the offer, “I can reduce your costs if you give your telephone calls to us”. A call accounting tool should be used to verify these claims before the agreement is signed off and you are committed to the small print.

4. Utilize your firm’s present voice technology to its maximum extent.

Find answers to the deep and dark questions,

How many spare extension circuits exist?, and how many voice channels to the telecoms company do I need to carry my traffic usage?

A call accounting platform will answer these questions efficiently and accurately.

5. Contribute to client service management

Does your company respond to incoming telephone calls efficiently? Are your switchboard staff spending too much or too little time speaking with customers and resolving queries?

Call accounting programs will compare the activity of an individual with the characteristics of a group. For example , it can efficiently draw comparisons between the average telephone call talk time of a group and the performance of a single person.

Considering the relatively low cost and high return on investment call accounting can deliver, every company, regardless of size, will profit from this service.


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