Accounting Jobs in Chicago – An Overview

Do numbers work magic for you? Have you completed your education and looking for accounting jobs in Chicago, Illinois, New York or Mexico? A degree in accounting can open up a wide number of job opportunities. Some of the designations you can qualify for are as follows:

Controller: As a controller of the organization, you will be in charge of maintaining the budget of the firm and for any monetary transaction; your approval would be needed.

Financial Auditor: As a financial auditor, your job would be to track the financial health of the business. You can do this job either as an employee within a company or independently. The role is to analyze the financial data and tax returns of previous years. The financial audit helps a business track to plan the budget in the next financial years.

Treasury Specialist: As a treasury specialist your job would be to see the overall and daily management of finances in the firm. You will be accountable for all types of financial transactions and spending analysis within the business.

Underwriter: With this designation, you will be associated with the banking industry and your job functionalities would be to approve applications for credits, mortgages, and loans.

Lending Officer: The main job responsibility of a lending or loan officer is to manage loan for individuals, financial institutions or banking institutions. You will have to analyze the applications and approve the deserving applicants.

However, these above mentioned positions need certain specialized degrees and some years of experience in the accounting field. After acquiring a degree you need to serve at an entry level position in a firm and with years of experience and knowledge gathered, you can find yourself in prestigious designations as mentioned above.

If you are looking for some financial firms in Chicago, to help your business by streamlining the budget, preparing taxes, audits, and other related aspects of the business, you can get a list of reliable firms in the local directory. Depending on the requirements of your firms, you can select the accountant, and discuss with him whether he deals with business laws, taxes, audit, international trade, and other aspects of operations.

You can visit the website of BBB or Better Business Bureau and check the credibility of the company. If the accountant firm has at least a ‘B’ rating with the BBB, you can go ahead to hand over your business responsibilities to them. You can also ask for some local references and check out by talking personally with the previous clients. You can ask them about the service, charges, and time taken to do certain jobs. You need to make a written agreement with the company, so that there is no trouble over this in the future. You can also visit some reputed online sites, which act as a medium for these kinds of services. You need to register at the site, free of cost and fill up a form, mentioning your requirements and budget in details. These sites have a list of financial firms, who are approved by BBB. The firms whose charges match with your budget will contact you, and after initial discussion, you can make the final choice.

Aric Parkar has been advising people on getting various types of professional services that include accounting jobs Chicago and how to find the right financial firms in Chicago. A former educator and constructor, he is also owner of several houses.