Accounting Jobs In India in Different Firms

It’s easy to work in a firm or a company but is difficult to search for job and same holds true for a good accounting job in India.

Freshers are normally selected through the campus interview and those who are unable to get one apply for starting job at low reimbursements in the Companies to look for a better job in the meantime.

Different types of firms hire accounting personnel as per their capability:

CA firms: There are many vacancies in accounting firms. Also the vacancies are created at regular intervals because people leave this job frequently due to better jobs in very little time.

Industries: Manufacturing units have a separate department for accounts and finances. Those who like to have a feel of industries can shift over to such jobs. These are comparatively stable jobs but chances of growth are very low because the manufacturing units have lesser chances of growth. Then the person starts feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. Moreover the job is monotonous and involves routine work day by day.

Event Management firms: Event management firms are very much into allocation of funds and management of funds. These Companies have different events and most of them are unrelated to each other completely. Therefore, the accounts are handled by professionals only. Moreover each and every penny is accounted for in the event management company. The client is always worried about the expenses and so the firm has to keep a proper record of all the expenditures, accurately.

Institutions and schools: The major work in schools, Colleges and Institutions is that of handling and entry of fee-cheques and their proper allocation. Accounting job should be absolutely perfect in these cases. People with good accounting knowledge can look forward to immaculate accounting jobs in India.

It is true that accountants are indispensable for every firm but the type of job is different in these firms. So person should recognize his or her capabilities and head for the right job.

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