Accounting options for beginner entrepreneur

Im thinking of putting up a company name and start to run a small business to be self-employed freelancer. I know the work is quite hard and the working hours can stretch in many days well into evening. While working for others, all the necessary things related into for example billing the customers or doing to salary payments is done by someone else, but when you are self-employed the administrative work falls on you. Despite of those things Im still considering self-employment a better option than working for someone else, since as a freelancer I can arrange my working hours as I want.

I’ve been finding out about all the services there are for a small business owners to ease up the work load especially on the management side, to concentrate only to professional work. For example accounting can nowadays be done with the help of accounting (in Finnish=kirjanpito) software, which saves much the valuable time and money. There is variety of different options on offer on accounting softwares ranging from the free softwares into full service softwares operating as cloud services.

The good side on these accounting softwares is that they save paper work as the billing can be done wholly inside the system. The bills can be written and sent through the software electronically and the transaction records straight into the bookkeeping. The software also counts in all the taxes and other payments. Regular payments can be programmed to be done automatically. The software also produces all the needed records, such as financial statements, in no time, only by pushing a button whereas an accounting company or an accountant would take days to produce these.

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