Accounting Was Never so Easy Before SAP FICO

S.AP FICO is complete accounting solution software where FI stands for Finance and CO stands for Controlling. It is software that completely handles internal and external accounts.

Various components of SA.P FI are general ledgers, accounts receivables, accounts payable and fixed assets.

Components of S.A.P CO are cost centre accounting, internal order, profit centre accounting, product costing, profitability analysis.

SAP FI basically records the actual financial transaction of the company. From this recording, data is drawn for drafting external reports. It basically integrates various modules and enables them to work parallel. Software does the work of many types of software and in very less time. It is capable of fulfilling all the financial and accounting needs of the company. As you get all the data ad reports at the same place, analysing and strategy planning has become very easy with S.A.P FI.

SA.P CO mainly deals with managerial accounting. It is a great help to managers as it provides quick and accurate report on profit centres, cost centres, profitability etc. This module of the software is basically used for internal management of the enterprise. S.AP FI and SA.P CO works parallel with each other. Transactions recorded in S.A.P FI are later posted to SA.P CO for cost accounting processing, audit controlling and analytical reporting.

Training of S.AP FICO

S.A.P FICO is an accounting solution that takes care of both internal and external accounts of the company. It alone does the work of many employees. Most of the big firms are emphasizing on the use of this software in their companies. Training in S.AP FICO is the most sought after thing as it promises a lucrative career in accounts. Many reputed institutes like Nidhi Infotech are providing valuable training for this course.

People having degrees like,, CA, ICWA, CS, BBA, MBA, ACCA, BBM and other such related degrees are eligible for training in SA.P FICO. Apart from that the person should have one year work experience in accountancy, book keeping and other related domain. The person should at least have basic knowledge like profit and loss account, balance sheet, cost management, asset management, account receivable, double entries and other such basic concepts.

S.AP FICO training is available in three approaches -First approach is conventional classroom teaching method. In this the trainee has to attend regular classes in an institute at fixed timing. Students have to strictly follow the course structure followed in the classes. -Second approach of studies is online training. Many training packages are available on online that provide training in S.A.P FICO. All you have to do is to select the right package. Online training is expensive than the classroom training session, because of the sophisticated gadgets that has to be used. But flexible training timing and freedom to choose training topic is added advantage. -Third method is to get the study material from the library or any other source. This is the cheapest method, but at the same time it is least effective method.

Cost of the training depends on the institute, location of the institute or the online package selected.

Nidhi Infotech is training, consultant, outsourcing and BPO Company located in Bangalore. We provide training service on many courses including S.A.P Fico.