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Computer Software CRM software system specifications in a nut shell

09th October 2009 The process tracking and organizing contacts existing and prospective customers is known as customer relationship management (CRM). To make this process more effective, customer centric and smart, several software packages are available in the market. The… Read >

Computer Software Advantages of Sage accounting software packages

09th October 2009 Business accounting software packages fall in the category application software and work as an accounting management system for a business. These packages can be developed in house or can be bought from a third party. While using a third party you have to… Read >

Computer Software Types of CRM software and their benefits

07th October 2009 Ecommerce is the leveling ground for profit and growth irrespective of your scale of operation and industry. It helps you to transcend the barriers of geographical location and time zones and have a global reach. However, the nature of ecommerce is someho… Read >

Computer Software Advantages of Online CRM solution

28th September 2009 Customer relationship management or CRM is defined as the process of tracking and organizing contacts with your current and prospective customers. An effective CRM practice revolves around different departments of your business process, enhances its produ… Read >

Computer Software Advantages of Sales order processing software

25th September 2009 Smooth sales order processing ensures enhanced efficiency, productivity, customer relationship and growth for your business. Common forms of sales order are quotes, sales contract, spot order, intra-company order, service order and product number. Sales o… Read >

Computer Software The importance of Business CRM

10th July 2009 CRM is acronym that stands for “Customer Relationship Management.” But this definition of CRM is too narrow for a business and everything related to it cannot be explained by these three words. CRM is an important aspect of a business and it is itself tre… Read >