Bookkeeping Training For QuickBooks

Bookkeeping training is necessary for those who own their own business or company. Record keeping is a major factor in keeping a business organized, and hiring outside help can sometimes be pricey. Certain software programs, like QuickBooks, are specifically designed to make bookkeeping and accounting fast and simple. There are courses available to teach and certify those interested in learning the QuickBooks system.

Classes are conveniently provided by the Certified QuickBooks User Program, and are fully aimed to educate business owners. A test score of at least eighty percent is generally required in order to gain certification. A live-class course is always offered, as well as a self-paced, online only system. For anyone who can prove they have used QuickBooks for two or more years, an exam-only option is available.

Real-World Training, a company established by QuickBooks, teaches a two-day course entitled Mastering QuickBooks, which costs around $400. The self-paced system is also provided by Real-World Training, and is designed to accommodate the hectic lifestyle of a student. The system has no deadline, so a person can take as long as needed to complete it.

The exam itself costs $150, and can generally be taken by anyone with two years of QuickBooks experience. However, if a person fails to pass the exam, the original course fee of $400 will usually be required to re-take the course and test. Therefore, people should only take the exam if they are certain they can pass it.

QuickBooks is the most popular software system available for bookkeepers, and bookkeeping training courses are methodically designed to teach the system techniques. If certification is truly desired, one must pass the test, which often means enlisting the help of trained instructors. For those with no experience, the live-class course is probably the best option, as teachers will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate techniques.