Debunking Misconceptions about Cloud Accounting Software

What is stopping you from investing in the best purchase order software? Perhaps the answer lies on what you believe. With so many data available online, for example, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the truth from fiction.

Some businesses do not want to evolve and consider upgrading their purchase process to something more digital simply because of their wrong mind-set. It is high time to shed more light on these myths.

The Myth on Safety

Granted, being on the Internet makes anything at risk of different security breaches including hacking and phishing. However, more than 65% of the breaches are caused by inside job, perhaps by a disgruntled employee or someone who has been less careful of his duties or has evil plans on his mind.

Moreover, while security threats cannot be eliminated completely, cloud accounting software developers are working to make their systems more secure by investing in premium-grade security programs and services. They pay for excellent data centers, update programs to avoid any loophole that can give any hacker a break, and regularly educate users on how to stay more secure online.

The Myth on Cost

Buying the best purchase order software may be about spending a hundred dollars every month for a service, but then, more than the cost, you have to look at the value.

Cloud accounting software can provide you with a variety of essential benefits such as flexibility and mobility. You do not have to be in the office just to do your job; you can now be anywhere since you only need a reliable Internet connection to access your data. Furthermore, information can be shared easily, and you can collaborate with the rest of your accounting team with hardly a hitch.

The cloud-based solution, in the end, still remains more affordable than on-premise software that compels you to pay for the licenses and maintenance. It is scalable so you can pay an amount equivalent to the service you have used in every stage of your business growth. It is agile that it may be customized based on your needs.

The Myth on Complexity

All types of software, whether they are cloud accounting software or on-premise one, do have some learning curve. That is why you need to orient yourself properly with how they work.

Nevertheless, some of the best purchase order software types are more intuitive and beautifully designed, even trying to mimic how the real purchase process works and documents appear. The reason is simple: so you will not have a hard time transitioning from traditional to digital purchase management.

The Myth on Inefficiency

“Learning a software takes too much time!” The truth is it depends on many factors. If you are familiar with software, then training yourself with something new should not be difficult at all. Moreover, it is a small price to pay with the high level of efficiency and productivity it provides. These types of programs can process several pieces of information simultaneously, allowing you to enjoy time and cost savings.

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