Ever Heard of Virtual Staffing for Property Management

If you are finding it hard to manage your everyday tasks at your property management company and are looking for a way to reduce the costs and efforts it calls for, you have come to the right place. This article is about how a property management company can easily reduce employee expenses by almost 50%. Read on to find out more.

When a property owner is not equipped to manage the maintenance activities of his property, such as property management accounting, he approaches a company that would perform these activities on his behalf. Also, there are several property owners that own a string of office buildings, apartments and so on. It requires more than their efforts to carry out activities such as accounting, call handling, ad listing etc. These set of activities are handed over to property management companies that hire accountants, customer executives, tech guys and other professionals as required.

Now here, there is a slight problem. For many companies, as the clients increase, naturally their tasks increase, too. That calls for hiring more people. Staff salary in general eats up most of a company’s income. When they have to hire more people, that would cost a fortune. If they do not hire people, they would all be working nights and if they do hire more people, it would be too expensive for them. What do they do if they reach a dead end?

Their answer is this: hiring virtual staff for managing your possessions.

What’s virtual staffing?

Virtual staffing is a method by which you outsource your tasks and have a third person perform these tasks on your behalf for affordable rates. Usually, these virtual staff could work from home or other remote areas. Those who work from home may not be too reliable as compared to a company. A company is registered, has certifications and recognition, and hires qualified staff for the services. Therefore it is better for you to approach a firm that offers virtual staffing services – a good example is Integra Property Management Backoffice, which specializes in property management tasks.

Services provided by virtual staff

These virtual staff provide all sorts of support tasks, from admin related tasks to accounting and call handling. They offer tenant screening, application processing, property listing, maintenance call answering during and after office hours, broker price opinion and so on. They also perform property management accounting, call answering services besides payroll. At Integra, they offer these services at affordable rates. The prices for their virtual staff begin at $8.45 per hour. Hiring virtual staff would thus, certainly reduce your expenses by 50% or more.

Avail the virtual staffing services and enjoy the benefit of reduced rates.

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