Florian Accounting’s internship program helps migrants live the accounting dream.

Many young migrants have sought to make Australia a new home. They have come from strong family networks with committed and determined parents wishing for a greater life for their children. Part of that dream, the dream for all parents, is to give their children the best they can and they will sacrifice their time, money and energy to achieve this goal.

Committed parents do this not for themselves, but because they have a deep and genuine love for their children. For them, there is no decision. Sacrificing their time to work more to earn enough for their child’s overseas university degree is worth it. They don’t think twice when it comes to sacrificing their personal spending for their child’s education.

If you are an overseas student and your loving parents have done this for you, the big question is, “Have you got what you wanted from your Accounting degree?”. Has the sacrifice been worth it? Have you achieved your dreams after such a difficult period, managing all the personal, academic and financial aspects of your life? There are examples of this dilemma across Australia.

Prashant works as an Assistant Manager in K-mart, Parramatta. He is a natural leader with positive values which helped him get a promotion in a Supervisor role in the store. But ultimately he wants to be a professional in the Accounting field. Prashant migrated from Bihar province in India to complete his Masters in Accounting at Macquarie University.

Prashant’s parents assisted him financially to study in Australia and he left behind his wife and young son. His dream is to become a Professional Accountant and open up his own accounting practice in Australia to help the local Indian community. Part of this dream was to be able to bring across his parents. He most of all wanted a greater life for his young son.

While his English was acceptable, Prashant was not able to achieve acceptance into a Graduate Program in any of the 1st or 2nd tier public practice firms, not to mention the Big Four. Getting into a Graduate Program can guarantee success, but its very difficult to get in. They asked him strange questions like “tell me a joke?”. Then they had a team exercise to assess interaction with others. It’s a fine balance between being strong minded and maybe considered arrogant, or also being too nice and considered weak. The Programs look for leaders and this has a language bias against foreigners. So not everyone can be the leader they are looking for. Prashant was facing an uphill battle achieving his Accounting dream and he longed to move on from his position at K-mart. He needs help to take a step closer towards his dream.

Simba drives a taxi in Brisbane for cash income. He works nights, but is happy to work daytimes as well. Any times are fine really, as shifts are scarce in a tight economy and not regular. Simba came to Australia from Tianjin, China to study Accounting at the University of Queensland. Although he has finished his Bachelor Degree in Professional Accounting, he hasn’t been able to break into the accounting field. He hasn’t even been able to get phone calls from prospective employers.

Simba is feeling the pressure because his parents want to visit him soon and he doesn’t want to show them that all their sacrifice and money has helped him get a job as a Driver. Their simple salary as government officers meant that they had to take personal risks in finding enough money to afford an education in Australia. Simba has seen his peers get accounting jobs and he is determined to begin his accounting career. His eventual goal is to make his parents proud with a respected professional job and save up to pay for the Contributory Parent Migration fee of $42,220 per parent.

These stories are all too common in Australia and it is hard to know where to turn to for help. Fortunately, Florian Accounting’s training & internship program can help you. This accounting training and internship program provides unpaid intern experience in a professional public practice setting. There are two convenient CBD locations in Sydney and Brisbane so its easy to find. The training timetables are flexible and can be tailored to trainee needs.

Included in the intern program is MYOB training where you will master the basics of running an accounting system using the most popular local accounting software. Your Excel skills will receive a boost with training on intermediate to advanced functions and Pivot tables. There is also a resume modification service that helps to boost your chances of getting a phone call from a recruiter.

The key difference in completing the internship program at Florian Accounting is that there is no longer any theory being discussed. It is all practical and geared to the local Australian accounting work environment with local work practices and procedures. The training is practical and applied where trainees work on past real internal company data using their own laptops. There is supervision from Senior qualified staff so that there is application of the training and genuine learning of accounting work principles.

All these aspects help to improve the confidence of trainees, helping them relax in interviews and this translates to improved interview performance. Overall, the result is that Florian Accounting interns have an increased chance of being employed in the accounting profession. For more information, please contact Florian Accounting on 02 8889 4111 or visit www.floriancorp.com.au .


Florian Accounting has been trading since 2009 and has offices in Sydney and Brisbane. For more information contact Florian Accounting on 02 8889 4111 or email info@floriancorp.com.au.

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