Get Certified ACCA Degree

If becoming a successful charted accountant is only dream of yours then you must be aware of the most reputed charted accountant association in United Kingdom, which is popular for offering certification to students that validates that they are eligible to do audit of any company. This association is known as ACCA, which stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is a global body of professional accountant, which was started in the year of 1904, known for offering qualification of chartered certified accountant. The reputation of the course and training done from this institute is looked upon all around the world. The certification of ACCA is considered in more than 170 countries across the world.
There are few well known colleges in Ireland that have adapted its course in financial accounting and auditing and other papers that help in testing tax and law. As per the current market situation and competition, you need to ensure that your degree can live up to the sudden changes in the market.  Professional growth plays an important role in career as it gives opportunities to improve your skills and enhance your knowledge. Taking E- learning course of association of chartered certified accountants as part of your learning, you can ensure a definite success for yourself.
There are around 16 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants exam papers, of which you need to sit for and complete only 14 exam papers and need to gain about 3 years experience to become eligible to get certificate. Along with that, it is mandatory to complete the professional ethic module. Students can take exemption for some ACCA exam papers depending upon the degree they have. Information related to exemption from papers can be checked online at ACCA website or confirm directly from ACCA Ireland directly.

There are few colleges in Ireland that conduct part time courses and odd weekend classes for few papers of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Apart from that one can also take up distance learning course in Ireland colleges and universities. In any one wishes to take this course through distance learning can take minimum of one ACCA exam paper per term and maximum four exam papers per term. As per the selection of number of paper per term, students have to attend equal number of classes in a week to get complete this accounting degree successfully. On an average students enrol for two to three exam paper per term which takes at least three years to complete the course, if any student has exemption from papers, it takes lesser time.