Give Your Checking Account Some Personality

These days there are a lot of options when it comes to checking. From plain colors and monogrammed initials, to elaborate themes in every genre from patriotic to wildlife and scenery there’s bound to be a check design that reflects every person’s unique interests. So what do you Personal Checks say about you?

It’s a question that deserves some thought. After all, when you use a check to pay a bill or send a birthday wish you’re not just writing a promissory note, you’re sharing a little bit of yourself with someone else. Whether planned or not, the design on your Checks says something about your individual personality.

Take plain colors and minimal designs for example. They suggest the check writer is straightforward and simple. The checking account owner is big picture focused and doesn’t feel the need to concern himself with decorative details. To this check writer, the purpose defeats the details – so long as the check arrives on time and the account stays in the black he’s content to keep writing on blocks of solid green or blue.

Monograms give an impression of prestige and nobility. Those who select monograms for their checking account probably come from a long proud family tradition and they are happy to embrace their namesake.

Wild designs and bright colors indicate playfulness and enjoyment. These checking customers tend to view the world in a glass half full kind of way. They are always entertaining and outgoing and usually the life of the party. They’re also the ones who are likely to give you that wild sweater or gag gift for Christmas.

More often than not people are choosing landscapes and themes to print on their check books now days. These images probably do more to clue a check recipient in on the writers’ interests and personality than any other style. Is your idea of perfection burying your toes into a white sandy beach shaded by palm trees while you watch the waves lap against the shoreline? If so, you probably have some tropical island inspired landscapes printed on to your legal tender. Or are you a lover of American muscle? You might just have photos of Detroit’s finest productions emblazoned behind the pay to the order of line.

It’s fairly easy to find a check design that captures your own individual personality. Look up any check printing company’s website and you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of designs available for purchase. But if you just can’t find a pre-printed design that captures the essence of you don’t fret. Checking companies are not offering completely personalized Photo Checks to the most discriminating checking customers. Now you can put reminders of those things that mean the most to you right on the front of your checks. I checked out the photo checks option on and found it’s easy to customize your check book with them. Just choose the picture you want from your photo album and click the upload button. You’ll see a preview of what your checks look like and can make minor adjustments. From there it’s easy as 1-2-3 to place an order.

No matter which design you choose, your checks say a little something about your personality. Don’t settle for the tired old boring standard checks your bank offers with your checking account. Show the world your true nature and the next time you write a check have it say a little more than pay to the order of�Ц Now that’s checking with style.

About the Author:

This article is written by Jayson Bailey.