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Being a retired army man, I’m very much stern when it comes to following laws. Every people are too lazy or arrogant to bother about anyone but themselves. Earlier in my times people used to help even the man they don’t know. Now even if someone close needs any help people have a double thought. They think about the loss they will suffer while helping the needy. The thing that inspired me to write this is the problem in our society. Our society was newly formed and is located at one of the best places. The cost of acquiring a flat in our society later even reached seven figures as well.

We were provided with all the facilities which anyone would like in a society. We had a jogger’s park, playground, garden, swimming pool, gymnastics and indoor games. These are some of the techniques builders use to charge extra amount from the customer. After acquiring the flat we need to pay for maintaining all these things. The moment around 20 families came here to stay we decided to form a society. When there was a meeting for appointing chairman, secretary and treasurer for the society no one came forward. All were happy not to involve themselves in managing a society. Some said they are already tired of managing at their work places and was not at all interested in becoming an acting member. They said running a society was very dangerous as there will be lot of accusation in its working by other members. Hearing this I volunteered to be the chairman. Seeing few more people agreed to joined in forming a working body. I will not blame them as they themselves are so self-centred that they will never find time for anyone. I agreed to chair the body but I had no prior knowledge about managing a society. I was sure if I make any mistakes the people will be waiting to pounce on me.

We started getting all the stationeries and computer for our office needs. We opened a society bank account. Many of the members were willing to deposit their maintenance amount directly in to the bank. We were not sure how can we track whether all the members have duly deposited the amount. For this we bought an internet connection so that we can track all the bank transactions online. We had to prepare the payment received receipt for each flats in the society. It was time consuming task as we were not able to manage our personal life because of it. One of my colleague recommended getting software for this purpose. We searched and purchased Panoramic group has assisted us in maintaining society’s details without any time being wasted.