How to Get Accounting Jobs In Melbourne

Getting accounting jobs in Melbourne can be a rather easy task if you have the right strategy for that type of job. Though the world economy goes through highs and lows, the demand for accounting jobs will never cease to exist.

First of all, an education in accounting can provide you with a toehold into a long and stable career. The demand for accountants will always be there as long as there are businesses. But getting started in the field can be challenging with little or no work experience. So, you need to take stock of all the resources available to you.

First of all, you must ensure that your resume speaks for you. Before even starting a job search, you need to test the strength of your resume. Make sure that the formatting is clean and professional. If you are a fresh graduate from an accounting degree program, but have little or no relevant work experience, put your education credentials towards the top of your resume, and lay more stress on co-curricular school activities rather than on work projects. You can highlight memberships in accounting clubs or any achievements or certificates won in that area.

If you are a recent student or an alumnus of a university, attend a career fair at your university. Usually, schools offering prominent accounting degrees or diplomas will often host or participate in a separate career fair exclusively for accounting jobs. However, before attending the career fair, try and research the attending companies and be abreast of basic facts such as market capitalization, their core strengths, and important clients, which will help you in discussions or job interviews with recruiters. You can also visit their website and research on the openings available.

There are several professional organizations in the accountancy field, such as the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the Professional Accounting Society of America (PASA), or the American Accounting Association (AAA). Affiliation with an organization like this via a university’s accounting department, will help you get a platform for attending networking events where you can mingle with potential employers and impress them. Membership in an accounting organization will also add value to your resume.

To find accounting jobs in Melbourne, you can also search for job openings online. A good idea would be to post your resume on job search sites and search for accounting positions. Searching regularly for job openings and applying immediately is crucial in the wake of huge competition. While searching for job openings online, you can also consider related positions. For instance, if you have an accounting degree but do not have the relevant work experience, you can also apply for the position of a bookkeeper, which will add experience to your resume and help you find a job as an accountant later.

Nowadays, companies are always on the lookout for referrals. So if you have any contact in the accounting field, be it a friend or a relative, ask them if they know of any openings.

Keeping the aforementioned tips in mind will help you in your quest for accounting jobs in Melbourne.

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