Is Your Accounting Firm Underestimating The Value Of Pr

I’m going to step out of my comfort zone again for this post. There’s considerably more to marketing than accounting website design. Today I’d like to chat with you a while about public relations.

Most people don’t appear to regard public relations as important. The consensus is that it won’t really offer a consequential benefit to a CPA service. It’s commonly set aside. Most CPA’s and accountants disregard public relationships as something of a luxury.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that PR and CPA services make a good team. Unfortunately, accountants typically ignore public relations and the advantages it can offer.

A hot PR campaign is able to improve your referrals, and this translates into more revenue for the practice.

There’s a lot more to an outstanding public relations campaign than just sending out press releases. It’s not art and it’s not science, but it’s a little bit of both.

In order to accomplish the artistic aspect, it’s important to have creative initiatives. The idea is to bring about a two-way flow of information and keep clients in close contact. Here are some pointers:

* Host “on the house” educational events, complete with food and drink.

* Host free educational webinars

* Send out birthday cards

* Launch other PR-related functions that allow interactivity with clients

This operation itself, coming up withconceiving and executing these actionable steps, represents the science of effective public relations. This is the structured design on getting the word out about your brand. When the art and the science of a PR program come together, the results can be very rewarding for the CPA firm.

Here are a few more pragmatic tricks and ideas about PR your firm can apply to tax and accounting practices:

1. Work your referrals! Since the tax and accounting business is more often than not a referral-based profession, it’s crucial that referrals are always a top priority. Truehearted clients have always been the best source of referrals, and events and communications that give useful information in a playful fashion will engender loyalty with them.

2. Get techy! People love technology. Tech-smart firms are now making use of “social media” tools to supply a platform for expansive communication deployment. Use Facebook and Twitter to disseminate invitations to events and reminders for clients.

3. Visibility is important, but credibility should be a priority. Advertising can only increase your brand recognition. Media relations, however, can also improve your credibility. A good presentation of your company in the form of a An upbeat story in a well-thought-of television broadcast or publication – is worth a lot more than an advertisement in the same forum.

4. Become a maven in the profession and the community. Share knowledge with your contacts by writing by-lined articles and supplements for local and trade media. This will increase your credibility and substantiate a strong brand.

5. The art of the press release is still the key of a public relations program. consistently produce and disseminate press releases. It’s an outstanding way to procure media coverage and promote credibility. A few examples of solid subjects for press releases are: industry awards received, involvement in local events and charities, scholarships created and awarded, and speaking engagements.

6. A website is a great PR tool. It can provide the perfect base for clients and the media. Media professionals will enjoy much easier access to facts and potential customers will be directed to the site more regularly, engendering a stronger connection. Use dynamic links when emailing prospects or composing press releases. This is an effective strategy intended to direct the readers back to the website.

A well planned public relations strategy is critical for accounting practices working to enhance visibility, improve credibility, and above all; get new clients.and above all; get you some new clients.}