Outdated Accounting Software can do More Harm than Good

Accounting firms, large organisations and small businesses have all found the benefits of using accounting programs. Accounting and bookkeeping in general can consume a lot of company time, and for those who can’t afford the expense of an external accountant this software is a welcome relief. With the right accounting application you can streamline and accelerate accounting tasks and procedures while maintaining data accuracy and the security of the information.

That said; research has found that several businesses today are running outdated programs that do more harm than good. Last year, a survey titled “Accounting Systems of Today” revealed that businesses using outdated systems were burdened with several issues including: -The inability to integrate accounting systems with CRM software -A period close that’s too long -The use of too many spreadsheets -Too many manual data entries to make

If you are currently experiencing these issues with your accounting system then you might want to check just how outdated it is. You’ll be surprised to see how outdated software can negatively affect your business and cripple your competitive edge. Issues like slow functionality that leads to more human errors, ineffective security walls, compliance breaches and increased operating costs can all result from an outdated system.

If you are still not sure whether or not it’s your program that’s the issue, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Which year did your get your accounting software?

Upgrading your accounting suite every year can be costly and sometimes unnecessary, but it’s always good to stay up-to-date with the upgrades to know whether or not it will benefit your business. It’s important that you don’t miss bug fix upgrades for problems that currently exist on your accounting suite. To be safe, do an upgrade at least every three years to ensure you still get system support and you can also make use of the new technologies to further improve your financial and accounting processes.

Is your current program giving you more problems than solutions?

If you’re constantly running into operational issues that cause costly downtimes, the need for third-party programs and a lot of manual work, then even if three years hasn’t passed yet, it would be best to look into getting a new accounting system.

Is your current system mobile friendly?

If you haven’t noticed yet, many businesses are slowly moving from desktop to mobile, or at least integrating the two. Smartphones, iPads and tablets have already moved into the workspace so it only makes sense to have mobile friendly accounting software. If your current accounting suite doesn’t accommodate mobile platforms, it may be time to look for better alternatives.

At the end of the day, if using your current accounting program is more of a hassle or you’re not getting the benefits you need from it, then you should consider upgrading. Otherwise you can always try switching to a new accounting software package; one that meets your business needs best.

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