Peachtree Quantum Facilitating Payroll Management

All the wonderful features that put Peachtree Premium Accounting Software on top of the list of the most popular accounting programs are also available in Peachtree Quantum, the newest product in the Sage’s Peachtree product line. Furthermore, Peachtree Quantum has a few additional features like a highly-customized dashboard, increased access through multiuser capabilities, and improved performance. The software has made payroll management easier for small and medium businesses with 40 or less employees.

Making sure workers are paid on time is quite a difficult task. Some employees earn their income on an hourly basis, whereas some get paid based on a fixed salary. An individual can also get paid more than what he or she usually earns by working overtime. Calculating additional costs greatly vary, especially if workers are paid differently according to their position. Moreover, there are other factors to consider such as tax and other deductions. That’s a lot of work for a single worker’s pay slip; imagine how hard it would be to manage 40 employees.

Another major benefit provided by Peachtree Quantum to small and medium businesses is the option to directly transfer information to the accountant, in order to prepare for regular monthly or quarterly taxes. Information can easily be transferred to the software database either through optical drives, e-mail, or by network file sharing. It’s also possible to link the company accountant’s computer directly to the software, allowing him or her to create and print reports whenever necessary.

Thanks to lock-screen options in the software, confidential information about employees remains safe within the database. This sensitive information includes performance reviews, demographic data, and workers’ personal information. Peachtree Quantum can provide exclusive access to higher management and authorized personnel. With this feature, workers can see nothing more than what they need to.

Workers will be able to monitor their working hours with Peachtree Quantum. With this, they will be able to keep track of how many hours have they worked overtime, how many minutes or hours they were tardy or absent, and how much they have earned so far, all without the hassle of going through thick piles of paperwork.

Aside from payroll-related management, Peachtree Quantum can also help in the areas of business growth, cash flow, inventories, and even necessary expenditures. For documentation, the software can create in-depth records about receipts and business reports.

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