Remote Hosting – QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0

QuickBooks Remote Hosting Benefits Overview

There are so many great benefits to having your QuickBooks Enterprise application hosted remotely that they are tough to fit into one article. The long and short of it is that your company will save time, money, and headaches. Remote hosting of QuickBooks is essentially software as a service, a rapidly exploding trend within the technology industry due to its many benefits.

Pay as You Go and Improve Cashflow!

When you sing up for QuickBooks remote hosting with a certified Intuit Solutions Provider it will do wonders for your cashflow. Instead of allocating a huge chunk of capital to a software application that begins to become obsolete the day you buy it, you simply begin making monthly payments, on a per seat basis, and rest easy knowing that your users will always be working on the latest version of the QuickBooks Enterprise platform.

Other accounting software, and even QuickBooks Enterprise in the past, required expensive up-front licensing fees that involved meaningful disconnect between the expense incurred at the time of the investment versus the benefit accrued through using the software throughout its life with the company. Obviously there are accounting conventions to handle this, but in an ideal world expenses and benefits would match perfectly. With software as a service, or QuickBooks Enterprise remote hosting, they actually do!

Save on IT Support

When the solution you are using, in this case QuickBooks Enterprise, you do not need to worry about the IT issues intrinsic to hosting a platform as critical as accounting. The entire application is hosted remotely on the servers of you Intuit Solutions Provider, meaning they handle all of the IT related issues.

The QuickBooks remote hosting firm you are using will handle all aspects of IT relating to the software as a service they are offering you. In addition to the aforementioned cashflow certainty related to this investment, you also have eliminated the uncertainty of unplanned IT events, or at the least the know man hours that would be required of IT to help oversee the operation of this application.

Lost Data? Not Anymore!

QuickBooks Enterprise remote hosting vendors, or at least those with the Intuit Solutions provider designation, always follow intuit best practices, which ensure your data is backed up properly and frequently. A good remote hosting company will actually back up your data in multiple locations for additional redundancy and data protection.

What About Upgrades?

With QuickBooks Enterprise remote hosting your vendor is on the hook to pay for all of the latest upgrades, not you. Check with your Intuit Solutions Provider, but they should have you on a plan for regular free upgrades as you continue utilizing their service.

What About Security?

Intuit has this covered by the best practices they impart upon their Intuit Solutions Providers. These providers understand the importance of the integrity of your data, and security access, and would welcome your inquiries on this topic. Make sure you give them the opportunity to tell you how secure their offering is as this is one of their greatest sources of pride. When they give you the right answer it will make you both feel better!