Security Features of Peachtree Accounting Software

Peachtree accounting software extends the convenience of full suite accounting processes to individuals and companies in consumer-level. The need for extra security becomes more and more important as you add more people in your company that use Peachtree accounting software. If an unknown individual logs into the software, they can have full control over the company’s finances. However, Peachtree provides multiple layers of security to avoid this scenario from happening.

One security feature is that when you enter your password in order to access Peachtree accounting software, each character of the password become hidden with an asterisk. This keeps your password private from anyone that may be looking at your computer screen as you key in your password. It even keeps password hidden from the main administrator of the program, allowing extra security from stolen passwords.

Also, if your password is too short, it can become susceptible to password hacking, which renders program security to be less secure. Peachtree requires that all passwords must contain with a minimum of seven characters and must be alphanumeric, which means that it must contain both letters and numbers. The software will prompt you to update your password when you upgrade to the latest version of Peachtree.

At Peachtree Premium and Peachtree Quantum, security protect is enhanced with locking out the system if a password is entered correctly multiple times. The software administrator can configure how many attempts a user can make before the system locks out, since some incorrect passwords may be entered by plain mistake. Administrators can then unlock the system for recognized users.

Another feature of Peachtree Pro to Peachtree Quantum accounting software is the institution of automatic password expiration to improve account security. The system will then require the user to create new password, such as in the span of six months. If someone stolen a user’s password, this option will render the old password obsolete and worthless once the new password overrides the old one.

Lastly, Peachtree accounting software, especially higher end suites like Peachtree Premium and Peachtree Quantum, allows administrators to appoint and deny access to individual user accounts. For instance, an administrator can make the accounts with read-only attribute for members who are not permitted to change account information. This increased security will not only help avoid stealing, but will also prevent mistakes and errors made by those who are not qualified to work with specific accounting jobs.

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