Telecom Billings And Its Methods

Telecom is a very big sector in itself. In India, there have been a lot of competition and rivalry can be seen in this sector. As we can see, a telecom company drops the call charges, the second day itself we see that other companies dropping their charges also. Telecommunications billing is a method of summing together all the calls or services for a user or definite bunch of users, deducting discounts and getting the bill ready for invoicing. Telecom Billing can also be called the procedure of preparing an invoice. It is about using the service, interceding data, rating and billing. No telecom company wants their users to leave their services as we can see many companies distributing their SIM cards free. Due to this rivalry, telecom companies churn out new policies and offers for the customers. For example, there was an offer by a telecom company which offered 1 paisa per second charge whether you talk STD or local which did take market by storm. This trend was followed by other companies also after that. With the advent of internet, internet mobile trend has also arrived. Due to this, people now can watch, download, listen to the songs and videos and can be online for 24 hours and seven days. It has built a separate market for itself. In order to dominate this market, many telecom companies have started offering 3 to 5 GB internet for free when they take their SIM card. Telecom sector has evolved in many ways over the years, so has the billing ways. For the post-paid account, earlier there wasn`t any details given regarding each and every calls made which used to confuse customers, but now all the telecom billing details are sent in the inbox itself , so that the customers gets assured about how many calls have been made in a day and how frequently a number has been called to. These facilities have made the life much easier for the customers and at the same time for the telecom operators as well.