The advantages of Route manager software and handheld Route accounting software

The Route Manager is a software solution to manage your whole business and improve productivity. We developed Route Manager to manage your business from the sales process via the collection of attainable and provide seriousness analysis of every aspect that contributes role to your bottom line.

The router Manager supports the follower Workstation Operating System XP pro, Windows95, windows 98, windows 2000 and NT. The route manager does not support the given Operating System XP Home Edition, Windows me and Windows Small Business Server. The Route Manager Database is supported by Microsoft SQL 2000, Microsoft SQL 7.0 or Microsoft Access. Route manager is available for the multi-location environment, single user or for use in a multi-user. This software runs efficiently on a variety of network operating systems with no verge in its operation or in the number of users. The handheld route accounting software maintain inventory on delivery vehicles, issue delivery tickets or invoices, post drop information.

The advantage of route manager software is to delivery businesses simplify and centralize their operations by automating filed data collection and in office processing of the data. The advantage of route manager is easy-to- use accounting, powerful and delivery software designed for a capacious enterprise as well as miniature businesses. This software provides automatic data transfer between handheld and eliminating the inefficiency, desktop computer and error encountered with manual data entry. Features or route manager is Signature capture and wireless receipt printing, Reporting and analysis, Paperless transactions, Elimination of manual data entry, Delivery Scheduling and Route Mapping, Route Optimization, Customer Relationship Management.

The main advantage of Route Manager software is simplified reporting, maximize your time, multiple branch/warehouse management, CRM tool, equipment tracking, and delivery orders, minimize redundant work load, reduce paper work, eliminate in office data entry, handheld integration. The advantage of route accounting software is to help route delivery businesses simplify and centralize and operations by automating field data collection and intra-office data processing. The route accounting software provides the employee productivity, boosting and increase profits by saving your money and time.