The Basics Of Telecom Billing Systems

Telecom Billing is all about clubbing in all the details of a customer’s payment, which are charges, made to the customers in a month, for the services rendered to them. This includes a recurring charge for the line rental, broadband charge, etc. and an additional off charge, for extra services like charges for a mobile handset or charges for a modem. Hence, it is all about the making of the invoice for the customers, which includes all relevant details about charges for services they enjoyed in a month. Companies differ in the creation of this invoice in respect to the software used for generating the same. Payments can be made either through credit cards or through bank accounts. Let us now find out how this whole process of Telecommunication Billing is conducted. The interested customer makes a call to the customer care to get to know about the available services and provides his preference to the customer care agent. The agent then forwards the customer’s demand into their system, examines the credit worthiness and allocates the customer a phone number, which he uses for making calls. The particular records of the calls made and received, are fed into the billing system, which creates a Call Detail Record (CDR) under the name of the customer. At the end of the month, these records are channelized into a billing pool, which generates the invoice for the customer. This invoice is then mailed to the customer’s address. The customer makes his payments, which are again recorded into the billing system for further references and use by the Customer Service Representatives or Auditing Managers. For the efficient and smooth working of this complicated process, most of the companies make use of software, optimally equipped to operate without glitches. There are also companies, which recruit the services of other billing based companies. The billing companies provide convergent billing services, ensuring a prompt billing solution. TELEbill is one such company, involved in convergent billing. Software like VoIP billing Software, TelSoft, LogiSense, and so on are few of the cost effective billing software. Telecom Billing adds up to the expenditure of any service providers. Moreover, as there is an interminable rush of customers, the billing system has grown ever more complex and evading. Using any of the above-mentioned software, companies can cut off the cost by 35%, providing paper less bills and ensuring an improved billing system.