Three Ts to Look for in a Non-Profit Fund-raising Software

Some studies show that more people experience work stress than in the past decades. Some people feel work related stress coming from project deadlines, additional work and keeping up with daily quotas. There are also stress factors that are related to more personal issues with co-workers and bosses, ranging from invasion of personal space to issues regarding salary increases.

If you’ve experienced work related stress and you’ve joined a non-profit organization to decrease your stress levels, you may be heading to the right direction. Some studies suggest that people who join non-profit organizations end up with a better work outlook and a more positive feeling towards personal concerns. Joining non-profit groups often help people divert attention from what’s stressing them and focus more on bigger social issues that benefit a larger sector.

While helping out an organization could be productive enough, you’re probably thinking about taking things a step further. You can purchase nonprofit fundraising software for the organization to help them optimize their fund sourcing. This can help your organization operate much more efficiently.


Reliable nonprofit fundraising software like Sage can track donations to your group. It provides a system that can record donations in cash or kind for beneficiaries, which will be vital in the accounting process. The software can also track gifts coming in from donators or affiliates like new office equipment or furniture.


Sage provides nonprofit fundraising software that can give better data access so people can study the success and growth of fund-raising events. The software can also show demographic information and possible timelines so the group can have another potentially successful campaign. In case the past events didn’t yield the expected results, the software can help figure out which areas need improvement to achieve better results in future campaigns.


Non-profit organization software like Sage fundraising software also has features that note regular donors and active participants in fundraising events. This data will be useful, since the organization will need to thank these people for their time, money and effort. With this software, your organization will be able to thank the right people who supported your cause.

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