Types Of Peachtree Accounting Software

Peachtree is a successful line of accounting software produced by Sage since 1998. It has several versions to meet the specific needs of each individual user. These operate under a propriety license in both MS-DOS and Windows.

Peachtree First is the most basic offering in the Peachtree line-up. This software offers comprehensive accounting tools and capabilities. While it doesnt enjoy the rich array of features that its more expensive brothers do, it is no less powerful in the fulfillment of its narrower scope. Its the recommended choice for really small businesses and start-ups. Each license allows for one named user on the system.

Peachtree Pro is the next choice after Peachtree First. Pro, like all the Peachtree variants, has the same powerful accounting engine that runs First. To this, it adds more business management tools. Inventory and payroll tools are included to help you run your enterprise. It also gives you the ability to integrate the program with the rest of your offices software like Microsoft Word and Excel.

If your business has outgrown Pro and First and yet find Peachtree Quantum overkill for your needs, Peachtree Complete may be perfect for you. It adds even more business tools for you to use including Microsoft Outlook integration. It also puts the ability to improve credit card processing, track UPS shipments and pay bills electronically at your disposal. You are allowed up to five users per each license of Peachtree Complete.

Peachtree Premium is the next step up from Complete. Like its predecessor, each purchase of this application also grants access for one to five users. What really sets it apart from the pack is its array of specialized modules designed with a specific industry in mind. In this way, a manufacturing company can purchase a manufacturing module that gives it the tools it needs without the clutter of additional features it will never use. Its this flexibility coupled with frugalness that people love. If Premium is still insufficient for your needs then Peachtree Quantum is the software you want.

Peachtree Quantum is the pinnacle of Sages accounting software line-up. It has every single feature of all the other iterations, including all the Premium industry specific variants, plus unique ones all its own. It gives you unprecedented control over your workflows content and security. With larger enterprises in mind, each license allows for up to forty named users at a time.