VB Net Inventory Accounting

Visual Basic developer of Inventory and accounting software is shifting to Visual Basic dot Net to enjoy the benefits of the dot net platform. If you still using VB 6, it is time for you to move on to the new dot net platform, and this year Visual Studio 2008 introduced many breakthrough technologies such as LINQ and N-Tier RAD tools. What does this mean to the developer of VB Net Inventory Accounting software? Let me show you the impacts:

Impact #1 – Distribute or update your software faster.
With smaller footprint, software vendor can easily distribute their system through Internet or low bandwidth network, or even add more features, templates and sample data without compromising the download time!

Impact #2 – Design your software into multiple platform.
You can expand your software to support the web client, even port to Linux and Mac OS! Visual Studio 2008 increase support for 3-tier application, you can extract your business logic into middle server, define the proxy to interface with back end server.

Impact #3 – Shift to SQL database.
Shift from conventional file base system such as MS-Access and DBF file system into true database server, developer can write data processing code in the database without affecting front-end client.

Impact #4 – Powerful 3rd Party tools.
Powerful datagrid and reporting tools available to accelerate development time, some even include source code in their product. If you are looking for Inventory, Accounting and Point of Sales system with source code, remember to check out Cynics Software – VB Net Inventory Accounting Source Code later…

With so much more benefits, developer can deliver the project faster to the market, lowering overall development cost and increase competitive advantages! Just beware about source code based products, if you need to modify, enhance or extend the system, you need the source code to be written and structured in the form of OOP, RAD and Plug-in architecture!

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