What Are The Abbreviations Uses in Accounting Services

First question arises what is the abbreviations and why it is used in the accounting services. The short form of a word is called an abbreviation or we can say that reduction of word length called the abbreviations. Take an example, the abbreviations of itself is abbre. It is the technique of conversion from word to its short word and it is also used for to avoid the confusion because when two words have same pronunciation then confusion situation comes so by the use of word abbreviations we can solve out this problem. It is helpful for both educated and non educated people. To remember and speak the word accurately may be difficult for the people. Here is the example to understand this;

The PIN is the abbreviation and to remember this word, it is very easy, but the full form of PIN is a personal identification number which may be difficult to remember. The accuracy comes in the work to use the abbreviation of the word. It saves our writing time and also give the privacy at work. In view of economics, it saves paper space and ink.

If you talk about, its history then you will get it is using many times, but in ancient time, word is represented by the sign, in this case, the misunderstanding problem was coming. During the British theory, abbreviation became very fashionable and after the 15th century, abbreviations use increase.

Here are the some abbreviations which are very important in the accounting services.

Abbreviation Descriptions

ACCT. – Accounting

ADD’L – Additional

ADJ – Adjustment

ADT – Auditing

AFD – Allowance for description

ANAL – Analysis

A/R – Account Receivable

ACCID – Accident

BA – Bank Adjustment

BAL – Balance

BAL SH – Balance Sheet

BEN/BENF – Benefit(s)

BUDG – Budgeted

BUS. /BSN – Business

CAP. – Capital

CD – Certificates of Deposit

CERT. – Certificate

CH/CHG/CHRG – Charge

CONT. /CONTIN – Continuous/Continuing

CRC – Cash Receipts Clearing

CUR – Current

CURR – Currency

DEP – Deposit/ Dependent

DISC – Discount

DUP/DUPL – Duplication

You can see how the abbreviation is easier than the description. So, to make the work easy, accounting services use of it. If you want to know more abbreviation than you can take the help of an accountant. If you do not know the any one of the accountant then you can take the help of Qlook.bz. It is the local search engine which will help you find out the accountant in your location.

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