What are the Top 5 Accounting Programs For Small Businesses

Business houses all over the world have been bitten by the technology bug so hardly that these days it’s impossible to function without them. With digitization the world has also evolved into a technological hub, and that too for the assistance of people in a better way.

In present times many small and medium businesses across the country use accounting software programs for financial tracking, budgeting, short- and long-term forecasting, and also for a payment portal for employees and outside vendors. Accounting software programs are very useful to small business checking, as they boost financial accuracy, cut down on organizational time inefficiencies, and most importantly save money.

Business Laser Checks Are the Flavor of the Season

Before divulging the details of which are the most popular accounting software programs, you may first want to understand how laser checks work. Luckily, many online office suppliers have made this process very simple and easy to understand. The customization process begins with the selection of the specific software that you use to ensure complete compatibility. You will then need to select the colors, logo of your company, and company details that are appropriate for your organization. Once you send the supplier a voided check to capture the account details, you are all done, and ready to use it. One can simply order the number of laser checks as often as you need them. Once received, simply load the pre-printed checks into your printer and enter the information through the accounting software program that is installed in your computer.

Top 5 Accounting Programs for Small Businesses


One of the best and most widely used accounting program is QuickBooks. It is an incredibly powerful accounting software solution. It’s use is such that you can track income and expenses, automatically pull information from your bank, and you can also assemble all of your tax information into one place. It also allows you to use QuickBooks compatible business checks. When you use QuickBooks compatible laser checks, all your information is electronically tracked in the system. All in all, using QuickBooks compatible checks will help you eliminate the need for logging expenses manually as well as time-consuming manual calculations.

Peachtree Accounting Program

The second on the list is Peachtree software, which effectively manages cash flow and customer payments, tracks the inventory levels and can also provide custom reporting for budgeting and benchmarking. Peachtree compatible checks for business are part one of the most cost-savings system. You can simply use the Peachtree compatible checks to send payments and your information will be electronically tracked.


Quicken is the program that brings your accounts together in one place, and gives you a clear visibility into outgoing money, current funds and also the impact of budgeting. The Quicken compatible laser checks for this program, work the same way as the QuickBooks compatible checks and Peachtree compatible checks.

Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting

On this software, Laser checks can be paired with this system that focuses on quote/invoice/purchase order creation, payroll and timesheet tracking and cash flow forecasting.

Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money is that one program that is becoming a favorite of small and medium business owners. It is important to note that the makers Microsoft discontinued all online services and assisted support for all versions of Money in January 2011. But, Microsoft created the Money Plus Sunset versions as a replacement for these expired programs. These programs include Microsoft Money Essentials, Microsoft Money Deluxe, Microsoft Money Premium, Microsoft Money Home, and Microsoft Money Business.

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