Why Use a Chartered Accountant

A true ally of any company, the accountant brings its expertise in accounting and management. He is also qualified to clarify the legal aspects related to legal obligations of the company, especially in labor law and social management, or conducting audit work.

Accounting Business

The various missions of the chartered accountant in the company’s accounting:

– The establishment of an accounting system adapted to the company
– The holding or monitoring of accounting
– The outsourcing of administrative and accounting
– The establishment of intermediate situation
– The review of accounting records: enforcement and management accounting, information systems security, archiving, scalability
– The preparation of annual accounts
– The preparation of budget estimates
– The calculation of cost prices
– The establishment of a cost accounting
Management Company

The various missions of the chartered accountant in business management:

– The Management Consulting: Assistance in the creation of the company, investment projects, budget control, dashboards, …
– The financial management consulting: help with cash management, research funding and relationships with the banks and financial …
– Training: training, recruitment assistance
– Advice to companies experiencing difficulty restructuring plan continuation
– The board export: searching for partners abroad, relations with funding agencies, market analysis, …
– The assessment undertaken as part of assignments, transfers, estates, shares, gifts, transfers, …
The legal obligations of the company

In legal terms, the accountant can give advice within its core business and draw up deeds under private seal which are ancillary to the direct service provided.

Labour law and social management

– ESTABLISHMENT payslips and social declarations
– Assistance in personal management
– Establishing incentive schemes, pension, retirement adapted

– Preparation of all tax returns
– Optimization of Fiscal Management
– Assistance in case of control
– Representation in litigation before the provincial board of direct taxes, before the commission for conciliation, …
Company information

The Chartered Accountant provides advice in the development of management information systems:

– Studies of opportunities and needs, adaptations of programs
– Developing specifications
– Assistance in choosing management software, …
Auditing Company

With the exeption of the statutory audit (reserved by law for auditors), the Chartered Accountant can intervene in numerous areas of the company for an audit:

– Audit of accounts as part of a holding, a buyout, …
– Legal audit, tax, social, organizational
– Audit systems
– Audit of Insurance Company

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